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Vahanen Monitoring Services Ltd serves OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd with a new Energy Supervisor concept


The Energy Supervisor concept was developed in cooperation with OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd to meet the needs of a long-term customer more comprehensively. The partnership agreement that follows the new customer-driven approach is valid for at least three years.

– The concept of the Energy Supervisor, which was developed to serve OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd, reflects our more customer-oriented operating model, says Sami Päivärinta, Managing Director of Vahanen Monitoring Services Oy. – We are happy to discuss customer needs and further develop our services. The operating model, which has been refined together with OP Real Estate Asset Management, supports our service. It is a pleasure to say that, based on our long-term cooperation, the customer relied on our ability to agilely reform and package our services in a format that suits them.

The multi-year cooperation agreement signed this week covers the energy issues, problem solving, optimisation and tracking of hundreds of properties. OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd is part of OP Banking Corporate and Institutional Customers and manages real estate assets of approximately EUR 3.3 billion. The principles of responsible real estate investment include the active monitoring and reduction of the environmental impacts as well as the comprehensive development of responsibility in properties. The variable property portfolio includes controlled properties from office buildings to residential buildings, Pohjola Hospitals, shopping centres and logistics properties.

– We needed more input to report, control and monitor the energy usage because the need for and amount of reporting has increased in recent years, says Matti Puromäki, Property Manager at OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd. – There is more reporting to our customers. Reporting is needed, for example, in energy audits of large companies and energy efficiency agreements in the real estate sector, which require the annual reporting of rental housing companies and commercial properties (VAETS and TETS). On the other hand, we wanted to strengthen the presence of the energy supervisor on the ground and at the sites, which is expected to have a direct impact on the reduction of energy consumption. With the updated agreement, we will benefit from the new vision and experience of Vahanen Monitoring Services, and this is a clear investment in energy efficiency with a reliable partner.

The Energy Supervisor concept includes a dedicated energy controller that monitors and optimises energy efficiency, user comfort and security of the property. The Energy Supervisor makes suggestions for improving the energy efficiency and comfort of the property and has extensive tools for energy management, including consumption monitoring, remote management, performance tests and equipment condition monitoring. The Energy Supervisor also controls and guides those responsible for the maintenance of the property and is responsible for completing the measures in cooperation with the manager and the property manager and other stakeholders. Depending on the situation, the content of the service is optimised to meet the current needs of each property.

– The service under the Energy Supervisor concept has attracted interest in other major players in the field, says Päivärinta.

Additional information:

Sami Päivärinta, managing director
Vahanen Monitoring Services Ltd
Tel. +358 50 3858 472

Matti Puromäki, property manager
OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd
Tel. +358 40 8381 037