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LEED Platinum Certification for the Pohjola Hospital Property


The Pohjola Hospital Property (property company Koy Kuopion Isabella) has achieved the highest Platinum level rating in the world's most well-known LEED environmental rating system.

OP Real Estate Asset Management actively utilizes the LEED rating system to verify the environmental responsibility of key new real estate projects, and the LEED rating has also been achieved during 2017 in other Pohjola Hospital premises in Helsinki, Oulu and Tampere. Sweco Building Services and Green Building Partners have been in cooperation and responsible for the LEED consulting in Kuopion Isabella.

Reaching the highest Platinum level requires special dedication to environmental considerations in both design and construction. In Kuopion Isabella, a tough target has been reached, paying particular attention to energy-efficient building solutions, such as proper ventilation control and energy-efficient LED lighting. The building is located at a traffic hub with good connections by various means of transport and several services in the surrounding area. A high-quality indoor environment has been achieved with good ventilation and using low-emission indoor materials.

“We are proud of our domesticity and we have also taken our social responsibility into account in purchasing and equipping the hospital. We employees are proud of the importance of our work not only for people but also for our society and environment,” says Johanna Huhta, Head of Unit at Kuopio.

“We are very happy that we managed to get the LEED Platinum-level item to Kuopio in cooperation with our project organization. This is a continuation of the work we have done for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly properties, not forgetting the demands and needs of users,” says Property Manager Matti Puromäki of OP Real Estate Asset Management

“Achieving a platinum-level LEED rating is a great accomplishment that so far only a handful of projects in Finland have been able to get. Meeting rigorous requirements has required close cooperation and strong dedication and determination to emphasize environmentally responsible themes between the parties involved,” says Simo Skogberg from Green Building Partners.

Further information:

Matti Puromäki, 010 252 5085 tai matti.puromaki@op.fi
Simo Skogberg, +358 40 554 3579 or simo.skogberg@gbp.fi