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OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd published its Sustainability Report - The year 2018 has been a boom in renewable energy


OP Real Estate Asset Management´s Corporate Sustainability Report has collected the measures taken in 2018 to develop responsibility and sustainability within the company. In addition, the report explains, among other things, real estate consumption and reports on other sustainability indicators.

In 2018 OP Real Estate Asset Management has invested particularly in renewable energy. Property investment decisions systematically assess the potential for renewable energy deployment. As a result of the systematic assessment, the number of solar power plants in the properties managed by OP Real Estate Asset Management tripled, and the geothermal systems were acquired at eight sites.

Matti Puromäki, Property Manager at OP Real Estate Asset Management, commented on the benefits of drafting the report: “The report is a good way to sum up the events of the year, and raises the issues that should be developed the most strongly with responsibility. We manage over two hundred properties in total, and we build another ten properties every year, so our work has a big environmental impact. ”

OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd's 2018 Sustainability Report is available only in Finnish and can be found here.

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