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OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd published its 2017 Environmental Report - Developing Responsibility in residential buildings, kindergartens, hospitals and forest holdings


OP Real Estate Asset Management has been working for many years for develop the environmental issues. The report published now is the fourth environmental management report that highlights the importance and development of environmental issues.

You can read the report here in finnish OP Real Estate Asset Management Environmental Report 2017

Responsible solutions have been widely taken into account in OP Real Estate Asset Management's construction projects. During 2017, more than 20 new and renovation projects were completed, with more detailed monitoring of waste data and recycling at construction sites. The kindergarten property in Espoo, which was completed at the end of 2017, is warmed by ground heat and the electricity it consumes is produced by wind power. Pohjola Hospitals has been awarded the international LEED environmental certification thanks to eco-efficient solutions.

Regarding consumption figures, the recycling and recovery rates have risen from the previous year. During 2017, the specific consumption of electricity, heat and water has been reduced in its entirety. Work continues especially to reduce the specific consumption of water in residential properties.

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