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OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd - We represent several different property owners.

OP Real Estate Asset Management Ltd is a real estate asset management company owned by OP Financial Group. As a landlord, we represent several quarters within our group. In addition, we manage real estate investments in real estate funds and direct real estate investments by our customers. We are one of the largest real estate asset managers in Finland.


Visiting adress: Gebhardinaukio 1, 00510 Helsinki | Mailing adress: PL 1068, FI-00013 OP | Tel.: +358 10 252 010 (switch)

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Leasing contacts

Our leasing partner is Newsec Asset Management Oy. Our primary contact persons are:

Viktoria Mönkkönen     Viktoria Mönkkönen
tel. +358 40 651 6342

Ylva Nybergh Op Toimitilat     Ylva Nybergh
tel. +358 40 352 2003

Merja Rikkonen     Merja Rikkonen
tel. +358 50 344 3050

In matters of leasing agreements and properties, our customers are served by our property managers:

Jari Vepsäläinen     Jari Vepsäläinen
p. 010 252 2322

Jarl Virala     Jarl Virala
p. 010 252 7278